CHANGELOG 8/8/2017

Note: CHANGELOG is an occasional feature letting you know about changes to various CALI websites. It is mostly technical in nature but may include initial listing of new features.

Updates to

  • Drupal updated to 7.56
  • References module updated to 7.x-2.2
  • Services module updated to 7.x-3.20
  • Numerous changes to AutoPublish
    • added alert for anonymous users directing them to login or register to use assigned lesson or quiz
    • added CSV download of student results for each AutoPublish resource to allow teachers to have better access to student work
    • lessons and quizzes sent to AutoPublish are now marked as published by default in Drupal making them immediately available to students
    • updated AutoPublish FAQs to reflect change in publishing default
  • Changes to QuizWright


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