Updates Released for CALI LessonLink

CALI LEsson IconLessonLink is a CALI tool that allows faculty members to view student scores, completion rates and usage of CALI Lessons. Faculty can create a LessonLink with the push of a button – the system then creates a unique web address (or URL) for existing CALI Lessons and groups the LessonLinks on a single web page by the course that you created them for. Each course can have an unlimited number of LessonLinks in an unlimited number of CALI Topics.

Since the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year 194 faculty at 113 member schools have created 2754 LessonLinks for 320 courses. Those LessonLinks have have resulted in 33,615 Lesson runs, all trackable by the faculty who created the LessonLinks. The updates for LessonLink that were released today are aimed at making the system easier to use for faculty trying it for the first time and to provide access to LessonLinks from Classcaster blogs.

The text on the LessonLink pages was expanded to try and provide better descriptions and instructions for faculty who want to use LessonLink. The changes were made after feedback from faculty who wanted to better understand what LessonLink is and how they could use it effectively in their classes.

Along with the updates to the text a new feature was added to LessonLink, integration with LessonView. LessonView is a plugin for CALI’s Classcaster blogging and podcasting platform that provides a WordPress shortcode for inserting information about a CALI Lesson directly into a Classcaster post or page. The new LessonLink integration provides faculty with the shortcode needed to insert the Lesson information along with a run link into a Classcaster post or page. With the integration faculty using Classcaster can quickly add LessonLinks to their Classcaster site. Lessons run with the links provided in by LessonLink and LessonView in Classcaster behave just like regular LessonLinks.

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